“I’m writing you this letter to try to express my gratitude and my appreciation. I don’t only thank you but me family thanks you. Because of your blessing in my life I can continue to work and provide for my family. So I think it’s my honor and duty to help someone in need as you helped me. God bless you and the Barr Foundation.”

Maurice Boddy
Wilmington, DE

“Thank you very much. I thought I was “out of luck” when my prosthetic was in need of replacement after only 2 years and I was unable to afford to have it replaced. Thanks to the kind people at the BARR Foundation I was able to obtain a quality crafted and durable replacement leg.”

Scott Peterson
Rialto, CA

“I’m writing this letter to show my appreciation for your donation to help The Georgia Prosthetics make me a prosthesis. I didn’t imagine the progress would come this fast, I am very delighted and thankful for your help. I know this will help me to better my life and continue to live a normal life. This foundation has touched a lot of lives by just saying “you’re approved” if only you knew how happy that sounds. Once again I want to say THANK YOU!!!!!”

Wendell R Wood Jr.
Atlanta, GA

“Your organization has greatly helped me in a very trying time. I want to thank you so much for your grant. Thank you again.”

Brian Walsh
Toms River, NJ

“We here at OrthoVascular Solutions want to thank you so much for your assistance regarding our patient, Brian Caldwell. This will make life so much easier. You will never know how much this means to us, as well as to Brian, for helping him get his life back.””

Bradley Hilliker
Huntsville, AL

“I would like to thank the BARR Foundation for your kindness and generosity. The hard work of the Barr Foundation has provided me with the ability to return safely to work with the Boilermakers.”

Brian Caldwell
Huntsville, AL

“God Bless The Barr Foundation and John Gilbreth, CPO for the wonderful gift of being able to walk again!! Without them I would not have been able to receive my prosthetic leg. I just want to tell you both THANK YOU for all that you have done for me.”

Connie Jump
Harrison, TN

“I would like to take this opportunity to THANK everybody in the Barr Foundation that helped Mr. Luis Alvarez Jimenez dream come true by having the prosthesis donated to him. He is another man and ready to challenge the world. Special thanks to Mr. Munoz, General Manager for Protordis CIA Ltda, Quito-Ecuador. Another success story for the Barr Foundation and many others in the future.”

Gonzalo Rodriguez, MT

“I am a grateful amputee that was lucky enough to receive a prosthesis from the Barr Foundation. If it wasn’t for you and Mike Young (my prosthetist), I would be hopping around on one leg.”

Melvin Yandell
Kingsville, TX

“I would just like to say that being able to find someone to help me with obtaining and maintaining my prostheses has made a significant difference in my life. I can live as near a normal life as possible and feel like I’m still part of a workable society. Without the help of the limb I have I would feel so useless and no longer a part of anything important…. Without an organization to fund my prostheses, I feel as if I would have no life…..I feel that all the support that can be given to the Barr United Amputee Assistance Fund should be given and any support in any way that can be found greatly would enhance so many lives. There is no way anyone can understand the hopelessness of someone like me when they think their life is simply over because they don’t have the funds to supply their own needs in this area…..There was not financial help for me because I was to old for Medicaid to cover the limb and I hadn’t been disabled long enough to have Medicare….”

William Westmoreland
Bradley, FL

“I am writing this letter to express my gratitude to you and your organization, in the joint project with J.E. Hanger, Inc. Prosthetic and Orthotic Specialists, who have showed excellence in providing the most advanced prosthetic services, in a professional manner and a pleasant atmosphere. Mr. Barr, I want to thank you for the enthusiasm, dedication, and real concern you have expressed toward helping Richard get his prosthetic leg. May the Lord abundantly bless you and your organization for the good that you are doing, in bringing healing to and assisting others in their journeys toward wholeness.”

Rev. Bernard Gebara-Chaplain
Orlando Regional Medical Center
Orlando, FL

“I practice prosthetics in South Texas. Trust me, there is no money available to provide prostheses to amputees who have no means to pay for them. I have been reimbursed twice for prosthetic devices which at least paid for parts and some of my labor….Without the Barr Foundation (B.U.A.A.F.) my CPA gives me ‘fits’ for taking these obvious financial losses. Thank God for the Barr Foundation!”

Mike Young, C.P.O.
Bay Area Prosthetics
Corpus Christi, TX

“As a social worker, I needed a comfortable leg to get around to visit the families I work with in the Chicago community. After numerous battles with my insurance company, I soon learned about the Barr Foundation. I was fortunate to work with the Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago….Thanks to the Barr United Amputee Assistance Fund, I am now able to move around more easily in my job.”

Sandy Dukat
Chicago, IL

“Just wanted to thank you for your part in giving my brother another chance at life…You just cant imagine what hope this has given to him. Words seem so insufficient at a time like this but please realize its straight from our hearts. A very heartfelt thank you again.”

Kathy Weakland
(Ron Thompson’s sister)
Hernando, FL

“I am writing to you today to express my gratitude in your continued efforts to help those who have no other options in obtaining prosthetic devices. It is unfortunate, that in today’s day and age, there are no government sponsored mechanisms in place that will provide prosthetics for all citizens in need. The lack of government commitment to provide prosthetic devices for all amputees leaves countless people without any pathway to resume their normal life….The impact that your fund has on these patients cannot be counted in dollars. We see the difference everyday on our patients outlook on life when they have the orthopedic devices necessary to carry on normal daily activities.”

Wade Bader, C.P.O.
Bader Prosthetics and Orthotics
Tampa, FL

“….I never will stop praising my Lord for this wonderful prosthetic leg He so marvelously used you to give me… I instantly pray that His countless Blessings be constantly poured upon you and your Foundation so that always you be able to help bring solace and even joy to the heart of amputees as you did for me. Although I know that I will never sufficiently express my gratitude in this matter, I sincerely beg you to accept herewith my humble words of thanks and to truly believe that I will forever remember this. God bless you! God bless America!”

Richard Vladimir Jeanty
Port-au-Prince, Haiti

“The assistance you provided for his arm prosthesis made a real difference in his life and employment options. This individual had no other means to get a prosthesis and your assistance made it possible for us to provide his above elbow prosthesis…I am not aware of any other funding programs like yours and I hope that you will be able to continue this work in the future.”

Wayne K. Daly, C.P.O.
Center for Prosthetics and Orthotics, Inc.
Seattle, WA

“I appreciate all your help and support. Your foundation has been a great asset in helping me. I hope your foundation continues on helping others just as your were able to help me.”

Walter Taliaferro
El Paso, TX

“I am writing to express my support for the Barr United Amputee Assistance Fund. It has been very instrumental in providing an avenue for several of my patients who could not find support or finances to receive a prosthesis. I, along with the patients, sought several other sources for assistance in providing funds for these unfortunate individuals who themselves did not have the insurance or means to get a prosthesis. Your foundation was the only source available to help. I would also like to remark on the procedure for applying for the fund. It was quite simple, and once the application was approved, the coverage was sent in an expedient manner. I was also very pleased at the amount the B.U.A.A.F. was willing to submit. The facility who made the prosthesis at least had their costs covered. All in all I think this is a terrific organization. I would highly recommend applying through the B.U.A.A.F. for those individuals deserving a chance.”

Robert D. Dixon
Board Eligible
Bradenton Prosthetics and Orthotics
Bradenton, FL

“I ‘m writing this letter to thank the Barr United Amputee Assistance Fund for their financial help in getting me a new knee for my prosthesis. Having a new knee has given me the confidence to renew my active lifestyle, which includes golf and hiking. I no longer worry about falling….Without the generosity of the Barr Foundation, along with my prosthetist, Wayne Koniuk, who has donated his time free of charge, I couldn’t have afforded the new knee and braking system.”

Keith Kohnhorst
Santa Cruz, CA

“Rarely does a single month go by when we are not asked to see an individual for prosthetic restoration who has no insurance coverage of any kind. Neither Medicare, Medicaid, Vocational Rehabilitation, or any other funding source is available to assist these individuals. I along with many other prosthetic practitioners consider it a moral responsibility to provide assistance to indigent patients, but as reimbursements continue to shrink, the ability to “absorb” this care becomes increasingly difficult if not impossible. I hope that your work with the Barr Foundation will continue. If there is anything that I can do to support this extremely worthwhile and humanitarian effort, please do not hesitate to contact me.”

Alan S. Ross, CPO
Suncoast Orthotics and Prosthetics, Inc.
Sarasota, FL

“I want to thank you for making it possible to provide for the amputees in Northern Nevada. Many of the folks I see here in rural Nevada ‘slip through the cracks’ when prosthetic care is needed. Due to your support, I have fit two individuals with below knee prostheses. It has improved their quality of life and offers the chance of employment where there was none before. The confidence and independence they have gained is amazing; and worth every penny and more. Thank you so much for allowing me to be a part of your service.”

David A. Blackman, C.P.O.
Elko, NV

“Your foundation is greatly needed and very much appreciated. Our office has not found any other financial assistance for the uninsured and financially challenged amputee.”

Donald L. Smith, C.P.
J.E. Hanger, Inc.
Tampa, FL

“I would like to thank you very much at this time for providing the public with the Barr United Amputee Assistance Fund. Being a prosthetist working in the field of prosthetics for approximately twenty-four years, I have had the opportunity to come to know many amputees. One of the worst feelings as a professional is to see a patient with excellent potential to do well on a prosthesis, but yet finding out the patient has no funding to pay for an appropriate prosthesis which of course can be quite costly….Thanks to the assistance of your fund, I have been able to help so far this year, two patients…..The Barr United Amputee Assistance fund is one of the most important non-profit organizations in the state or country….Please do not hesitate to call me if I can ever be of assistance to your organization, as I find it an immense pleasure to participate with you in the care of these patients.”

Kevin S. Garrison, C.P.
Garrison’s Prosthetic Services
North Miami Beach, FL

“I can not thank the Barr Foundation enough for funding a prosthetic arm. I now get to feel like a balanced whole person, as well as help with my daily activities. I am eternally grateful for the Barr Fund organization. Thank-you for the assistance of allowing me to have a left arm again. Bless you all. I’ll be able to give my boys real hugs now.”

Kathleen LaMonica
Draper, UT

“If it were not for the Foundation and IAP, I would not be walking again. I would still be sitting in a wheel chair.”

Ruth Schotts
Fremont, MI

“It is a social crime that amputees are forced to make do without modern prosthetic technology and modern surgical care.”

John W Ertl MD
Hinsdale, IL

“There are no measurable ways to describe the need and benefit to the life of the individual who is successfully fitted with an artificial limb that otherwise would be unattainable.
A properly fitted and fabricated prosthetic limb, is a service that not only restores function and productivity to the individual’s life, but enhances that persons’ ability to make a contribution to the community. A properly fitted limb creates value. Value to the individual and value to the community. A functional human being, able to contribute in work, play, and participation through any level of independence, creates value for all.
The Barr Foundation, the United Amputee Services Association, when initiating, and enabling the provision of an artificial limb to a recipient, makes a priceless contribution of value to the community. This contribution is one that will keep on giving. The adage of teaching a man how to fish, instead of giving him a fish to eat, is well served in describing what the Barr Foundation accomplishes in these efforts.

John Zeffer CP
Zeffer Research & Assoc/
Progressive Orthopedics of San Diego
San Diego, CA

“Keep up your great work. We need more like you.”

Rhonda McGee
Holiday, FL

“May God bless you and your organization for this gift which has helped my self-esteem.”

William Brown Jr
Ft. Lauderdale, FL

“The Barr Foundation literally “Comes to the rescue”. You are these people’s last and only hope. Through you foundation these people are able to walk, work, and maybe even run again. Not only has the lost limb been restored, but the patient’s self-worth and self-esteem has been renewed.”

David S. Goris CPO
Sonlife Prosthetics and Orthotics, Inc
Brooksville, FL

“Without Scheck & Siress and the Barr Foundation, Jay would not have been able to receive a quality prosthetic Limb. I thank you from the bottom of my heart.”

Maxine A. Somers
Hoffman Estates, IL

“I need to commend you on the tremendously necessary work you are doing with The Barr Foundation. You folks were gracious to me. At a time when I needed financial help to purchase a new lease on life, you were there for me. And I thank you! As a result total convalescing, although long, has been a very positive experience, thanks again to you and the fine people at, The Barr Foundation.”

Joseph S. Ortiz
Bencia, CA

“Without the Barr Foundation, there is no hope for amputees like myself. Again, thanks.”

Yvonne Little
High Springs, FL

“I hope that through the years that come, you will continue serving other people that need help like I did.”

Noel Baez
Hebberville, TX

“We would like to express our sincere appreciation for all that you are doing, so that every person may have an equal opportunity to enjoy life.”

Gregory L. Kidder CPO
Kidder Orthopedic Laboratories
Crystal River, FL