Amputee Assistance Fund

The Barr Foundation Amputee Assistance Fund (BFAAF) is administered by the Barr Foundation in Boca Raton, Florida and is a cooperative effort between the Fund and certified sponsoring prosthetists.

The Fund will pay for materials and fitting of a new prosthesis up to the schedule after financial need has been established by the prosthetist. Details are listed in the Barr Foundation Amputee Assistance Fund Guidelines. The amputee and the prosthetist complete an application form which is then reviewed and verified. The approval process takes approximately 4-6 weeks.

Over 1200 amputees have received funding for prosthetic rehabilitation in 30 states and 21 foreign countries since 1996.
Funding Guidelines

The Barr Foundation Amputee Assistance Fund was established in 1996 through grants from the Barr Foundation. The mission of the fund is to provide assistance to amputees that cannot afford limbs, have no other financial resources, and to promote quality prosthetic care for all amputees. This is accomplished directly by providing reimbursement for materials and maintenance costs to the prosthetist that provides limbs to the amputee who has no other source of funding. This program is a cooperative effort between the Fund and the amputee’s prosthetist to improve the quality of life of the amputee. Amputee applicants, who are seeking initial prosthetic rehabilitation, are first time amputees, are US citizens and in general good health will be prioritized.